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Workshop on `National Building Code of India 2005’Ghaziabad

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:51 am    Post subject: Workshop on `National Building Code of India 2005 Reply with quote

Report of Workshop on `National Building Code of India 2005’

jointly organized by BIS and  IE(I)

at Ghaziabad on 15 May 2010


            As a part of the series of workshops being organized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for implementation and dissemination of information about the National Building Code of  India 2005, a Workshop on NBC 2005 (21st in the series) was organized jointly by BIS and the Institution of Engineers (India), Ghaziabad Local Centre on 15 May 2010 at Ghaziabad.


            The Workshop was inaugurated by Shri Narendra Kumar Chaudhary, Vice Chairman, Ghaziabad Development Authority who informed that the revised NBC 2005 is a state-of-the-art document catering to the requirements for safe and sustainable development of our cities and towns.  He mentioned that there is an ever increasing pressure on housing requirements in the cities due to continued urbanization. Under the situation, it is particularly important to follow the provisions of NBC 2005 for orderly development so that creation of slum-like situation is awaited. He informed that, considering the number of important improvements made in the revised NBC,  GDA has taken necessary steps to adopt the same in their building byelaws.  He spoke about Govt’s resolve to transform Ghaziabad and other cities of Uttar Pradesh into modern cities and example of safe and sustainable development. He assured that the revised Building Code             NBC 2005 would be effectively implemented and enforced in the city of Ghaziabad at the earliest.  He advised the professionals and the builders of the city to abide by the sound provisions of the Code in all sincerity for ensuring safe, economical and efficient construction.  Shri A.K. Saini, Scientist & Head (Civil Engg), BIS in his Key-Note Address informed about the background leading to revision of the Code as NBC 2005.  He explained about the major points of revision considered in the exercise of Code and important new areas covered therein including those relating to energy conservation, sustainability, rural and hilly areas, new approach to address fire and structural safety and developments in building and plumbing services.  He explained how NBC serves as model code and a single reference document for adoption by the land and building development authorities, govt and private construction agencies and the building professionals.   He also dwelled on the extensive efforts made by BIS for awareness and effective implementation of the Code by all the stakeholders.  In this regard, the efforts made by BIS by approaching the Central Government, all the State Governments, Housing Finance Institutions, Academic Institutions, etc for the purpose were also informed. He advised all the participants to make full use of the interactive technical sessions of the Workshop.


            Earlier, Shri R.K. Bansal, Chairman, IE(I) Ghaziabad Local Centre, extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries, speakers and the delegates.  He informed about the activities of IE(I) Ghaziabad Local Centre and the efforts made by BIS and IE(I) in organizing the Workshop.             Shri Manoj Mittal, Convener of the Workshop while giving the programme objectives mentioned that the revised NBC 2005 in view of its vast coverage of all relevant issues right from building planning till maintenance and energy efficiency, sustainable development and disaster management, has brought paradigm shift in the construction scenario which is presently seeing an unprecedented scale of building construction.  Therefore, it is important that such a valuable Code be implemented in all sincerity. He emphasized on the need for effective implementation of the Code to bring quality culture in construction activities in the State and spoke about relevance of the Code to the city of Ghaziabad.  He explained the background for organizing the Workshop and felt that the same would be of immense value to the local authorities framing building bye-laws and the building professional like architects, engineers, structural engineers and town planners alike in understanding and implementing the Code.    Shri S.S. Jain, Chairman, Inderprastha Engineering College admiring the comprehensive contents of the Code mentioned that, for safety of structures it is imperative that the provisions of the Code should be adhered in all sincerity.  He however, emphasized that the provisions on low income housing enshrined in the Code were particularly important so that the fruits of technological developments could be percolated down to the lowest strata of the society in meeting their vast requirement of housing. He spoke about the commitment of the Inderprastha Engineering College in giving due cognizance to NBC 2005 in their civil engineering curriculum.   Shri Sanjay Pant, Director, BIS gave the framework of the latest revised Code brought out under the leadership of Padmashri Dr. H.C. Visvesvaraya, Chairman, NBC technical committee of BIS. Briefly informing about the genesis of the Code in 1970 at the instance of Planning Commission and subsequent revisions thereof, Shri Pant brought out the important dimension of actual implementation of revised NBC 2005 so that all the improvements and technological developments as reflected in the Code could percolate down to common masses. He suggested following a multi-pronged strategy involving adoption of the revised Code by the local authorities, adoption by Govt construction departments, implementation by private construction agencies, copious use by building professionals, inclusion in engineering and architecture curricula, and organizing a nation-wide awareness and implementation campaign.    He brought out as to how best our aim of safe and sustainable habitat could be achieved through proper direction and how NBC 2005 could be effectively utilized for the purpose. Shri Anil Garg, Chief Engineer, GDA and Shri G.S. Goyal, Chief Architect, GDA also shared the dais.  Also, Shri S.C. Gaur, Town Planner, GDA took this opportunity to inform about the initiatives taken by GDA in adopting NBC 2005 and informed that bye-laws 2008 of U.P. incorporated provisions of NBC 2005. Shri A. Saurikhia, Hony Secretary & Organizing Secretary of the Workshop presented a hearty vote of thanks to the dignitaries, speakers, delegates, sponsors and the electronic and print media.


            In the Technical Sessions, the various speakers presented details about different parts and sections of the Code and particularly explained the important modifications made in this revision. Shri Sanjay Pant, Director, BIS and Member-Secretary, BIS technical committee on NBC, in the first technical session, gave an overview of NBC 2005 including the application and philosophy of 26 chapters covered under 11 parts and section/subsections thereunder.  It was explained that NBC 2005 contained latest provisions for planning, design and construction of all types of buildings particularly the techno-legal mechanism for safety against natural and man-made disasters such as earthquake and fire.  It is now for the state authorities such as town and country planning department, development authorities, municipal corporations, other local bodies and fire authorities to implement this Code by revising and revamping the concerned Act and local building byelaws to bring the same in line with NBC 2005.  The same thereafter also requires effective implementation.  Bringing home the point that it is not the disaster but the badly planned, designed and constructed buildings that kill people, it was explained how the Code could be effectively utilized at state level by the authorities and Govt and private construction agencies to help erect safe buildings and protect life and property of our citizens particularly in the event of a natural calamity.  He also dwelled on the further review and revision being taken by BIS particularly relating to the chapter on Fire & Life Safety and a new chapter being introduced on Sustainability.  Shri V. Suresh, Vice-Chairman of NBC Committee & former CMD, HUDCO explained the provisions on administration, development control rules and general building requirements covered in the Code which form the main part of the local building byelaws, and explained in detail the implementation aspects of overall provisions of NBC 2005 by the state authorities.  He explained the current trend of urbanization in the country and the need for following the provisions of the Building Code for ensuring safe and orderly development of our burgeoning cities.  He highlighted as to how the Code caters to the requirements of all geographical situations; socio-economic classes including the weaker/low income/marginalized/disadvantaged apart from middle and high income groups; and serves as a tool for regulating the building activity as a part of techno-legal and techno-financial regime.          Shri S.K. Dheri, Convener of the NBC Panel on Fire Protection and a well known expert in fire safety explained how the codal provisions could be utilized to plan, design and construct buildings which are safe in the event of fire by appropriately implementing the provisions on fire prevention, life safety and fire protection measures given in the Code.  He said, these are particularly important for cities like Ghaziabad, where malls, multiplexes and high rise buildings are coming up. He explained about various lessons learnt in the major incidences of fire taken place in different parts of the country. Shri Jose Kurian, Convener of the NBC Panel on Masonry and Chairman of BIS Committee on Cement and Concrete and an expert in structural design including earthquake resistant design, gave a detailed presentation on structural design of buildings for safety against various loads, forces and effects including the natural disasters like earthquake. He also highlighted various dos and don’ts and good practices for safe design and construction of buildings and explained illustratively the provisions of the Code.  He advised the structural engineers to meticulously take care of the very practical guidelines and the provisions given in the Code.        Shri Sandeep Goel, Member of the NBC Panel on Plumbing Services, explained in detail the provisions on water supply, drainage, sanitation, solid waste management and gas supply given in the revised Code.  He discussed the various modifications made and basis thereof in the revised Code including those relating to important aspects of recycle and reuse of waste water, rain water harvesting and efficient use of water in general.  During all technical sessions, lot of interactive discussions were held with the participants and their queries were resolved.

In the Concluding Session, it was emphasized that it is essential to implement the provisions of NBC 2005 in letter and spirit so that the technological developments percolate down to poorest of the poor. The necessity of educational utilization of NBC 2005 and other Indian Standards in Engineering and educational curriculum was also emphasized. The importance of dissemination of information and implementation efforts for the Building Code through the effective network available with the IE(I) throughout the country was stressed upon.  Shri Sanjay Pant, Director, BIS gave the Report of the Workshop and thanked all for the success of the event.  He emphasized on adopting the structured approach enshrined in NBC 2005 for safe and orderly development of our villages, towns and cities.  As the Code contains all the essential provisions for safe design and construction of building in rural as well as the urban areas, the workshop strongly recommended for its effective implementation in the State of Uttar Pradesh.  The delegates thanked BIS and IE(I) for arranging such a comprehensive exercise of dissemination of information about the revised Building Code.

The recommendations as enclosed were emerged.

About 225 delegates representing local bodies/authorities such as Ghaziabad Development Authority, Lucknow Development Authority; UP Fire Services; govt construction departments/agencies such as PWD, Govt of Delhi, Airport Authority of India Ltd, Hindustan Prefab Ltd; private construction agencies/organizations/their association/consulting organizations such as L&T, DLF, Unitech Ltd, Jaiprakash Associates, Reliance Industries Ltd, Ahluwalia Contracts, CREDAI, Consulting Engineering Services, Creative Design Consultants; building professionals such as architects, engineers, structural engineers, town planners, valuers and members of professional institutions like IE(I) Ghaziabad Local Centre; public sector enterprises such as EIL and NTPC; R & D and academic institutions such as CBRI, faculty/students from Inderprastha  Engineering College, KIET, Jamia Polytechnic; and building  material and component manufacturers/ suppliers/Other organizations such as Ambuja Cements Pvt Ltd, Cement & RMC divisions of Grasim Industries Ltd, Heidelberg Cement, Mehta Group, Kone Elevator, Saint-Gobain Gyprock India Ltd, Linear Technologies, Prolite Autoglo Ltd, Ispat Industries Ltd, Bharti Wal-Mart, Forbes Marshall Limited, etc and other safety/quality/testing/building chemicals related industry/companies participated in the above highly successful Workshop. 
An exhibition displaying various materials and technologies for building construction was also organized at the venue. 
Shri Manoj Mittal, Convener of the Workshop informed that the Institution will follow up with the Govt and other concerned authorities for the early implementation of the above recommendations.  Shri A. Saurikhia, Organizing Secretary of the Workshop thanked all the dignitaries and the delegates for making it convenient to participate in this important two-day national event and co-organizers and sponsors for their support, and hoped that all would carry forward the message of safe and sustainable development as enshrined in NBC 2005 to their respective organizations.


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:52 am    Post subject: RECOMMENDATIONS Reply with quote





15 May 2010; Ghaziabad

jointly organized by


Bureau of Indian Standards and

the Institution of Engineers (India), Ghaziabad Local Centre




1.    The National workshop was attended by around 225 delegates representing all stakeholder groups in the building construction and built environment sector, who unanimously endorse the adoption of National Building Code of India 2005 (NBC 2005) as an instrument for guiding regulation of planning, design, construction and asset management of all buildings in Uttar Pradesh and other states of the country.


2.    The workshop strongly recommends to Government of Uttar Pradesh and all local bodies (urban & rural), development authorities, special and new town development agencies, etc to modify, revise, revamp the existing building byelaws; development control rules; planning standards; town planning rules; special regulations for fire, structural, health, construction, electric and life safety, in line with the NBC 2005 by suitably  adopting fully or adapting it with such local variation as may be needed.


  1. The workshop recommends to adopt NBC 2005, as the basis for structural design, fire protection, building and plumbing services, building materials and construction practices (and construction safety) and for proper protection, upkeep & maintenance of water bodies by modifying the departmental construction codes/ specifications/manuals of Govt. construction departments, in line with NBC 2005.


4.    The workshop recommends the strengthening of all building development and regulating agencies with the right level of professional human resources to deal with proactive responses needed with the building professionals and builders. The professional human resource pooling for contiguously situated human settlements and the related regulating agencies should be attempted, considering the socio-economic and budgetary constrains of smaller level local bodies dealing with building regulation work.


5.    The workshop strongly urges the Government of Uttar Pradesh, Board/University of Technical Education, Educational Institutions dealing with architectural, engineering and planning education to upgrade the curricula in line with NBC 2005 so as to ensure proper understanding and training of the provisions of the Building Code right from academic level.


6.    The workshop recommends the initiation of continuous orientation and development programmes for creating mass awareness, appreciation and application of NBC 2005 among practicing professionals and the Government, Public and Private Sector; as also capacity building/training of all building professionals and work force involved in building construction activity.










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